The First Wimpy’s appeared in 1961 as Wimpy’s Drive-in. Then in 1988, two dedicated restauraterurs relocated and the first Wimpy’s Diner became established with a full menu. Shortly after that, there was a change in management. The first Wimpy’s Diner was a BIG success, and it is still in operation and successful to date. Both families had a shared vision with one successful location open already, the decision was simple to open a second location. 

In 1992, just a few kilometers in distance the second location opened and of course, from the beginning, the success was even greater than predicted. With two successful locations, the future of the Wimpy’s Diner franchise was born.  Two locations with the same name, same concept, same menu, and same philosophy. The future was inevitable and expansion plans are continuously in work. 


Wimpy’s Diner offers a casual dining experience infused with a modern 50s and 60s theme, complete with current and nostalgic memorabilia. Known for its famous all-day breakfast, famous hamburgers, specialty lunches, and home-style dinners, Wimpy’s is committed to delivering good food and friendly service. Our motto is simple: Exceptional service, quality products, and great value for your dollar keep our customers coming back

We believe wholeheartedly in our company, its goals, and objectives. Our mission is to uphold corporate integrity, care for one another, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. Thriving on challenges, we see them as invitations to success, working together to please our customers, surpass achievements, and drive our organization toward greater success.